And for that to happen, for him to be on the first teammates I saw was pretty amazing


poor brad richards, a real male adult having to put up with real male children jonathan toews and patrick kane.

Corey’s poor rendition of the Kaner Shuffle.


richie at the hawks convention thing like


I really feel like after doing that panel today Brad Richards is severely rethinking his life choices.

If Antti Raanta is not adorable, I don’t know what is. #AnttiRaanta #BHC2014 #Blackhawks (at Hilton Chicago Hotel)

Antti Raanta is just plain adorable. Too adorable for words. #AnttiRaanta #BHC2014 #Blackhawks (at Hilton Chicago Hotel)

But first, let me take a Raanta selfie. ✌️

But first, let me take a Raanta selfie. ✌️

"We don’t change, we don’t get better at this."
Do you play an instrument? No, but I love to sing in the shower.

Jonathan fucking Toews took a selfie with the crowd. HE TOOK A FUCKING SELFIE.

Brad Richards: ESPN Magazine Body Issue.

Those of you at the Blackhawks Convention this year, HOLLLLAAAAAAA!

you did your best

you did your best