Yes, I asked this handsome prince to prom today. Let’s just say even though Alex noticed that he won’t be in town then, someone got all smiley and giddy about my proposal and my choice of golf balls. A total sweetheart. And sealed it all with a picture and a hug.


NHL Meme | six goalies [4/6] | Ben Bishop

Benny is literally the dorkiest, sweetest thing ever. 

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A young Patrick Kane on Easter morning

Alex Killorn is actually an angel.

Alex Killorn is actually an angel.


Someone get this man some dance lessons. 

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Erik… you cannot dance… at all…. sorry ;) 

On further review, my moves seemed so much better last night, great joke guys, thanks for making it happen. I think he’s pretty good;)
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#16 Teddy PurcellTampa Bay LightningRight Wing

#16 Teddy Purcell
Tampa Bay Lightning
Right Wing

Milan Lucic and his daughter

patrickkanethesecond asked: That pass from Killorn to Stamkos. Like wow

I KNOW! I was just coming off of Alex’s first NHL playoff goal high and then that beauty pass for his first NHL playoff assist! I am so proud! :)

#tbt Teddy’s hair. 😂💁

#tbt Teddy’s hair. 😂💁

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